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I am the proud owner of two yorkies, Quinn (aged 15) and Abby (aged 11). Both of my dogs have been with me since they were six weeks old; needless to say, they mean a great deal to me.

Quinn’s back legs have been getting worse and worse, almost to the point that she could not push herself up or walk. She has many health problems, but this really cut into her mobility. After several treatments with Dr. McCarthy and with physical therapy, Quinn is now able to get herself up and walk six or seven steps without help. Needless to say, I am thrilled with her success, and it is on-going.

Abby has been diagnosed with neurological issues; her legs were turning in and she was constantly tripping herself when she walked. Her back was bowed and her feet would turn under. After nine weeks with Dr. McCarthy and the physical therapy team at Metzgar’s, Abby has made huge gains. She walks without tripping, is running in the yard once more and interested in all things. Her back is stronger as are her front and back legs. Her feet no longer turn under when she stands, and she is doing very well.

I highly recommend chiropractic treatment for anyone who has a dog with back problems or walking issues; I couldn’t believe the change in my dogs. Dr. McCarthy is a real pet lover as evidenced by my dogs’ reaction to him and his care. He lays on the floor with them (and Quinn only weighs four and a half pounds, so she is low to the ground). His friendly, caring attitude and his expertise in manipulating my dogs’ legs and backs has earned him a special place in my heart.

Everyone should consider chiropractic care for his/her animals, especially as these animals enter the senior years of their lives. It can make such a difference.

— Darla Wilshire